EuroForth 2016 proceedings available

Mittwoch, 21. September 2016 @ 11:14 CEST

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The EuroForth 2016 proceedings and the individual papers and/or
presentation slides are now available on

and BibTeX entries for these papers and slides are also available

The authors and titles of the papers are: ... click (mehr) button below.

Videos are available on

Refereed Papers
Ulrich Hoffmann and Andrew Read: A synchronous FORTH framework for
hard real-time control
Sergey Baranov: Simulating Recurrent Neural Networks in Forth

Non-Refereed Papers

Nick J. Nelson: Tunnel Vision
Bill Stoddart: The Halting Problem in Forth
Andrew Read: An Axiomatic Approach to Forth
Wolf Wejgaard: Planet Holonforth
M. Anton Ertl: Sections
M. Anton Ertl: Recognizers: Arguments and Design Decisions
Stephen Pelc: The Sockpuppet Forth to C interface

Late Non-Refereed Papers

Ulrich Hoffmann: Implementing the Forth Inner Interpreter in High
Level Forth
Gerald Wodni: f --- A package manager for (the)Forth(.net)

Presentation Slides

Bernd Paysan: net2o: Using net2o
M. Anton Ertl: Security

Videos have been recorded and [edit:] are available now on

- anton

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